Backup and Disaster Recovery

In Today’s world DATA is the most important asset for any company’s Security, however we often hear the terms Data Breach, Data Loss, etc. We provide you an excellent Backup Solution to secure your data in all aspects. Incremental Backup which means Backing up any modification to your files every frequent hour to safeguard your privacy, as we believe in Your Privacy is our Responsibility and we stick to that. We have Backup Specialist which monitor your data backup every day to make sure you are protected in every possible way.

Disaster Recovery is a term which many companies may not promise you, but we make it happen at Affinity, it requires specific set of Policies and Tools to recovery every Bit of classified information be it natural or Human-induced disaster. We let your Business run flawlessly despite of any disruptive events. Join us now to Secure your privacy which is an essential part of your company’s growth.

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We have some finest features that no one would provide:


  • Incremental Backup at every frequent Hour.
  • Every modification to your file is secured.
  • Image Based recovery features.
  • Zero Downtime from attacks like Ransomware.
  • Real time Data recovery feature.
  • Real Time Monitoring for the Backup Tool.
  • Storage Solutions like AWS (Amazon Web Solution).
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