Every Industry is Unique for Managed IT Services

If you feel like your own IT department or an IT consultant you are working with is not up to the mark while managing and monitoring your IT infrastructure, you are in the right place. We’ve been handling the business of a variety of scales and industries for years.

Affinity Solutions teams are equipped with knowledge of several industries that enables us to deliver a personalized solution tailored to your specific needs. Our engineers are experienced in handling the legal compliances and nuances of most of the industries. We understand that every business is unique and requires IT solutions crafted for themselves.

Common Industries We Serve


The two major concerns for law firms are keeping the costs down and customers satisfied. Technology plays a significant role in handling both issues. But, having your own IT infrastructure is not an option at all because of the high Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and CapEx requirement. For small to large scale legal firms, outsourcing their IT operations to Affinity Solutions is a viable option. We keep your data secure and help your legal firm run smoothly. Disaster recovery and business continuity planning, data storage and management, email archiving, IT compliance management, and existing IT infrastructure management and integration are the major highlights of our managed IT services for the legal industry.


Being an organization operating in a highly compliant industry, you certainly require an IT consultancy to ensure the data security and availability; to enhance the quality of service you provide to your patients; to gear up your operations with the required technology.
The team that will be taking care of your IT requirements is well versed in HIPAA compliances and its technical aspects. We will create security policies and procedures and will provide you with cybersecurity featuring layered defenses. We’ll build a robust and scalable IT infrastructure for you. Our healthcare IT services feature cost-effective data storage solutions, EMR management, Data management, Internet connectivity optimization, Periodic review of the system.


At Affinity Solutions, we know that service availability and data security are the foremost priorities for your insurance business. With the advent of InsurTech, there is heavy competition in the insurance sector. Your customers want easy access to your services, and also want to make sure that their data is safe with you. We have InsurTech experts on-board that will ensure that your systems are running at the maximum performance all the time. System availability is highly recommended as your customers may want to explore your services, check their policy status or make a claim at any time.

Real Estate

Your industry is evolving and so do your business should. Affinity Solutions offers IT support and consulting services for all scale of real-estate businesses. We get you ready to win the crown and lead the market with business efficiency. We have dedicated teams for real-estate businesses. Our engineers understand all of the regulatory compliances that align with your IT infrastructure. Most of our real-estate clients leverage following managed IT services – Remote Network Monitoring and Management, Outsourced Help Desk, On-site Network Services, Strategic IT Consulting, Cloud Services, and Data Center Hosting. Working with our team will never feel like you are working with some consultants.


Being a manufacturer, you might already have an IT infrastructure and the reason you are looking for a managed IT service provider is because you might need expert advice. Affinity’s technical consultants are an extension of your technical team. Our team work alongside your in-house technicians to mitigate your issues.
We understand the criticality of ERP/MRP systems for your manufacturing plant and will help you maintain the production line uptime. Be it improving existing SCADA system or implementing and integrating the Internet of Things solutions in your plant, Affinity Solution is the one-stop-shop for all of your manufacturing business’s IT needs.

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Managed IT Services for Small Medium and Enterprise Level Businesses

With the focus on real business needs, we provide customized IT solutions for businesses operating in a variety of industry verticals. From hosted applications and servers to IT consulting, we provide solutions that will not only resolve your issues but also be preventive.

Every time we meet some business that is new to us and needs IT help, we get industry experts and form a special team that leads that particular IT project.