The good news is we’re here to help with our managed IT services!

Let’s face it technology is getting more complex in many industries especially with ransomware.

Technology every day is growing and extremely rapid rate. Whether its computers services, cloud services, networking, or even something as simple as email. Every time we turn around it seems as something new has arrived on the market. This creates stress and complexity when trying to grow and maintain a business. The more technology that is added to the company makes it more difficult to track and monitor what is already implemented in your business. And let’s not even start to talk about trying to keep track of passwords and other important data. This can cause a mess when trying to migrate to a new computer service.


At Affinity we don’t just provide technology to our customers that make a difference but provide a cutting-edge approach to how we design, implement and manage our solutions. We help our clients reinvigorate their IT environments. We’re not just the average “IT guys” who are here to fix and sell you new tech. We consider ourselves more like a business partner who is invested in the growth of your business with the help of our managed IT services.

Our skill set, and experience gives us the edge on technology. Not only for the large corporate settings but as well as for the small just starting out companies. We are extremely diverse and can manage IT solutions of any size. We can do this by following out 5-step guide: Evaluate, Strategize, Implement, Support, and Maintain. These building blocks are time tested and customer approved to build your IT success story!

Response Times

Emergency Support

1 Hour

Issues that affect more than five users or failure in a critical infrastructural component or service.

Quick Response

3 Hours

Issues that affect more than five users

Normal Response

8 Hours

Issues that affect fewer than five users


2 Weeks

Issues that are related to ongoing or preventive maintenance activities.