Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office, the name itself doesn’t need any introduction in the field of computers, if you ever bought a computer you must be aware of this term. Office is a family of Client Software by Microsoft. Over several years we have seen Office utilization with MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint but over the years Office has been evolved and developed to be on top marketing preferences. With the name Office 365 it has the update service running 365 days by providing the needs of the professionals.

Office includes Emails, Documents, Excel Sheets, Presentation, Notepad, Teams and many more. We provide you the best support with Office Licensing as per your Business Requirements. We have best IT professionals and certified Microsoft Office Professionals which can provide you Unlimited Support with all your problems, Email Security with Azure Rights Management, Mail filtered at Every Step, Best Domain hosting Platforms and Hassle-free Migration Techniques.

Phishing Emails is a prime concern for IT Industries as Email is the primary mode of Contact, we help you protect through all Office troubles in no time.

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Technicians working on Microsoft Office

Let’s take a glimpse of the Features we provide at Affinity:


  • Message Traces and Audit Logs for Clients.
  • Integration with Various 3rd party tools.
  • Helpdesk Admin work for Clients.
  • Domain Migration and Tenant Migration.
  • Email Backup for all our Clients.
  • Mobile Device Management Support.
  • Outbound Spam Alerts.
  • Litigation Hold features.
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