Our first strategy step in creating a customized solution for your IT environment starts with a complete walk through and network assessment. We will also check the status of each end point to ensure that it will run at peak performance. During the network assessment we will scan for vulnerabilities in security and ensure Your network protection is adequate. We will also discuss short term as well as long term business growth plans. This will help determine the foundation we need to create in order to help grow you’re IT environment without snags along the way.


During stage two of our strategy, we will be focusing on getting all your existing technology up to date with our latest support software. This will allow you and your employees to contact us quickly whenever a concern or question may arise. We support you over the phone, remotely as well as on-site. This keeps us close to you so you’re only a click away from help.


Our IT Strategy, during the third step of creating your solution, we will begin laying out all the information that we received during the evaluation. Next, we will map the pieces together creating a well flowing map of changes that can be implemented in a stage by stage operation.  By triaging the issues at hand, we can be sure to solve each issue in a well-planned manner to keep the wheels turning and your business running.


In stage four of creating your solution, we will begin to take any upgrade or repair measures that were determined needed during the strategize phase. This in most cases will be in a multiple stage effort. This allows us to make sure your foundation is set properly as we continue to build the rest of the structure. We will always take the less intrusive options to ensure minimal downtime. After all, our goal is to make your tech more reliable and keep you running without delay.


In our final stage of our strategy, we will be constantly monitoring all your systems and network equipment. With our detailed error reports, we will be able to identify future problems and notify you ahead of time. This saves in the long run not only in cost but as well as in time. As your business continues to grow, we will continually reevaluate your computers and needs. Monthly we will perform preventative maintenance to all your systems to help keep them running as efficiently as possible. In addition, we will also provide anti malware an antivirus software to help keep each system stay protected from external threats.