Read why these Metro Atlanta companies and organizations trust MIS Solutions for IT Support and Service
Knows Us and How We Operate

We needed a responsive, more trusted partner that we could rely on. MIS is in alignment with our business. They know us well and know how we operate. That familiarity is key. They are there for us when we need them and they have the ability to step in and know exactly where everything is. The support team at MIS is very friendly, very helpful, has good follow-up and keeps good notes. That process helps in making revisiting an issue super easy. When they call us, the notes have already been reviewed and they’re ready to dive in and solve the issue.

Andy Hardy
Marketing Manager
Discovery Point Franchising

I Don’t Stress about IT Anymore

Technology has played a very large role in our success and being able to compete in the market. The value MIS brings to Stuart Pro Heating & Air is priceless. I don’t stress about IT anymore. If there is an issue, I know it’s going to be fixed. I have complete trust in MIS.

Shelley Burris
Stuart Pro Air

It’s a Relief to Know That for Critical Situations, We’ve Got Support Around the Clock

Everyone at MIS is very positive and willing to help. I know this is a group of people I can trust to not only make our IT services better, but to also help make my job easier. It’s nice to have a whole team I can rely on. It’s reassuring to know I have experts I can lean on and I don’t have to worry about being an IT expert.

Emily Wright
Human Resource Manager
Chiorino America