VOIP Phone Systems

With the invention of phone in 1876 by Graham Bell, we invented a technique which could connect us from various parts of the world and later with the evolution of technology in the year 1955 VOIP phones were invented for the first time by a company called VocalTec and Voice Over IP phones were used for the masses.

VOIP stands for Voice Over IP, ISDN or analog, which means the Phone System using PBX (Private Branch Exchange) which switches calls from enterprise users on local lines to share certain numbers of external phone lines. We provide you with the best Quality of PBX system for your Small, Medium or Large size Business. Conference lines, confidential meetings, IVR setup, messaging, call queue monitoring are some features of the VOIP Phone Systems. VOIP has many features that an analog phone will never support and it has unlimited connectivity through internet, lets see some features which are included in the services we provide.

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A girl accessing VOIP Phone System

The Following features are included for VOIP System Technology:


  • Intermittent Calling Features.
  • Real-Time Queue Monitoring.
  • 24/7 support for PBX Technology.
  • Line Recording on Private Cloud Servers.
  • Cost-effective Service.
  • Multiple Lines available.
  • Direct access on the cellphones as per request.
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